Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I cried today. Really cried. I am overwhelmed with the loss of Mom. I get up, walk, eat, breath, clean the house, prepare meals, the list goes on. Every step and every task reminds me of Mom and that she is not here.
I have been told so often that I am so strong. It is rather ironic as it is now more than ever that I feel so weak. Yet, God says in our weakness He is made strong. I would like to point out then, that it is not I who am strong, but The Lord. I must not and can not take credit for it.
I am embraced to say that I have been tempted so many times to give up. I want to crumble into a heap of tears and just say it's too hard. But then I hear God's word. "My grace is sufficient for you" "I will not give you more than you can handle" "for it is God who works in you for His good pleasure." Pardon my interpretation of these verses. These are God's promises. God never breaks His promises.
The last verse is one of my most favorites. It is God who works. Well, that's a relief! Since I am so utterly incapable of moving, getting up in the morning, and rejoicing God gives me grace. I open my eyes and say "good morning Lord" then, He gives me strength to get up, do the task at hand, and get through the day. And I can rejoice. Rejoice, because God is so good. He sustains, He encourages, He gives grace, and if I obey and listen, He directs my days. I can either look for things to grumble and complain about or.......I can rejoice in a God who loves me and is carrying me through one of the toughest struggles of my life and who promises He will never leave me nor forsake me. He knows I hurt. He knows I miss my mother. He knows I am struggling to step up to the plate and be a homemaker in my mothers home as I am constantly reminded of the loss. So He gives me grace and blessings to get through. So my challenge. Don't look at life as if it were impossibly too hard. God says "all things are possible in Him". So, look to God, see His blessings, and as James chapter one says" count it all joy when you encounter various trials". Praise be to our wonderful God who will sustain and get me through. May He be glorified.

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  1. The struggles of this life are truly overwhelming. I just want to commend you in your walk that you have chosen to allow the heart breaks and heart aches to make you stronger and better instead of bitter. Anne, I do not know you and obviously your wisdom and discernment far exceeds mine at your age, I challenge you to find a woman that you can continue to go to to encourage you and hold you up on the hard days. It was your blog title that drew me to your site. I am in the process of changing my site and my desire is that it will remind others of God's grace and strength for today and Hope for tomorrow. Visit my space sometime.