Sunday, July 29, 2012

Joy Comes in the Morning

Wow...on Saturday, I did something I have never done and I am so thankful, Ron and Ariel Strom went with me. We got up at 4am (except me, who was awake all night because I could not sleep), drove to Table Rock, and hiked up to take pictures of the sunrise. I was so afraid of missing the sun coming over  the mountain as we hiked up what seemed to be a never ending trail of continuous corners and hills. Then we saw it. The last little piece of the trail before a wide beautiful plateau that was just starting to come to life. It was beautiful! We went to the edge of the mountain overlooking the valley and watched. There was a growing warm glow that was illuminating the sky as the horizon faded from dark to a beautiful purple to a soft yellow/orange haze. I started hiking to the center of the plateau to capture more of the top along with the mountains as the sun continued its gentle climb. As I walked I heard Ariel gasp in awe and looked to see the first little bit of light peak it's beams over the mountain. Wow...such a beautiful sight. It slowly continued as I watched the light touch the top of Table Rock and start to crawl over the rocks, paths, grasses, and flowers and the light grew brighter and warm. I kicked into gear as I started looking through the camera lens. What would be the best shot. How could I capture this beauty to share with others. I wondered what Josh would have done?
     Ariel, this line break is for you (-:
     I will take a small step back in time. When Josh died on May 5th taking my camera with him, I had no motivation to ever do photography again. Things are replaceable, people are not. Then, the Lord used several people to help raise the money for me to purchase a new camera. I opened it last Wednesday morning at Josh's grave, sharing with him how I felt and how much I missed him. I told him how much I wanted to thank everyone who helped me acquire the new camera, but yet words seemed so empty. Then, I had an idea. Would the best thank you be using the gift they had all given me? The gift of being able to do photography again. I asked the Lord and Josh to help me know what photograph to take and then it came. One of Josh's last shoots was on top of Table Rock during the sunset. It was the most perfect day they could have had up there and the pictures were breathtaking. There was the inspiration for his last blog about surrendering a precious dream. For me, the best thing I could do was to move forward in life despite difficulty and be a willing vessel for the Lord's use. Psalms 30:5 came to mind ..."weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning." What better way to express what I felt, than the sunrise symbolizing the start of a new day and the joy of the Lord and His everlasting and unchanging goodness. So, back to July 28th.
      Ariel and Ron took in the beauty of the mountain top while I spent at least an hour roaming and snapping pictures of God's handy work. It was the start of a new beginning. I miss Josh. I selfishly wish he was still here, but...Josh is in the presence of the Lord. He would not want to come back to time. He is in the full understanding of eternity. No more human limitations or pain. He has seen the face of God. I thank God for having known Josh and for the work that God has done in my life through Josh's life. Josh's memory will live on. Today I will choose joy and to live the life that God has set before me. Josh is not gone forever, he is just gone from time. I so look forward to seeing him again in eternity. Sorrow will pass away and in the rise of the morning sun comes the joy of the Lord.


  1. WOW wow wow wow wow wow. What an indescribable post! Anne, your posts keep getting better and better! Yours words are colorful and descriptive, your heart is pouring through them, you mean everything you say. I feel like I'm not making sense...

    Anne, I just love this. You have such a hopeful outlook here. You are looking forward to tomorrow, to the joy in the morning. It is so beautiful.

    I am SO glad I came with to Table Rock. Oh, and thanks for the linebreak. ;)

    I love you so much.