Thursday, July 5, 2012

In the Quiet

Wow....there seems so much is going on and I can only write down such a small fragment. For now, I want to process a little about being quiet with the Lord and seeing some blessings I often overlook. The other day, due to the wonderful encouragement of a friend, I went down to the Rogue River and sat and had a two hour talk (out lowed) with the Lord. I need to do that more often. As I sat there and poured out my heart and feelings to Him something wonderful happened. He talked to me. Not in an audible voice, but through His Holy Spirit and through His word. As I told Him how guilty I felt for taking my camera on May 5th and how I had questioned three times whether I should take it and how I felt I had done something horrible by not listening to doubt He gently and lovingly. "Anne, I told you three times to take it." Wow.....I had never stopped to consider that He had told me to take it by my friends including Josh telling me without a doubt I should. What a release. It was not my fault. I had listened to the Lord. He was in control. And He wanted Josh to have it when he died so he would be doing something he loved with a camera he really enjoyed. Wow.....Still...I get overwhelmed with how much God loves me and takes care of me and blesses me and I wonder....How often do I miss it. How often do I get caught up in guilt, doubt, and fear. In trying to do works on my own that I don't rely on the Lord and be a willing vessel He can work through when He desires.
     I am striving to be more and more mindful of the blessings God sends my way. To thank Him for things I would take for granted. I praise God that my phone has a camera. It doesn't matter the quality because I can still snap some of God's blessings. Whether it be special moments with friends, family, or God's nature creation. I am starting to see a deeper level of God's beauty than just what is at the front of my nose. I think striving to seeing a deeper dimension is thanks to another friend who asked me if I could. He asked it in another context, but it got me to thinking. I want to see deeper, love deeper, trust deeper, and see more than what meets the eye. I am so far from there. I have so many flaws. I discover more and more how I can do nothing outside of God. I pray every day to die more to self and live for God. That He can be glorified through me. Not my will O Lord, but yours. I have taken up talking out lowed to the Lord more often. And...thanking Him for things I would often just take for granted. The blue sky, the warm sun, the full moon, fireworks over the lake, a floating candle flower that a friend fished out of the water so I could see, a piece of wheat (I think it was) in a whole field but in and of itself so beautiful, an old historic fence with fields and mountains beyond. God is loving me and blessing me every day and I am apart of the body of Christ. To grow, love, and be a bond servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you God for friends and the blessing they are. For your love and compassion and and saving me. Thank you friends for accepting me where I am at imperfections and all. Just imagine if our society could truly accept people where they are at. They seem to be "trying" to do that and yet their version of acceptance is not accepting...Anyway, that can be a whole other blog idea and not what this one is about. Below are some pictures I have taken with my phone. Thank you Lord for revealing yourself through nature, your work, your spirit, and your people.



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  1. Those pictures are incredibly beautiful, Anne. Never doubt you are a gifted photographer.

    And such a great post! I love you so much, Anne. <3