Wednesday, May 30, 2012

While it is yet today

Tomorrow is always tomorrow
The past is always gone
Today is all we'll ever have
It goes on and on and on

We wish for brighter shores
We strive for bigger dreams
We put off till tomorrow
It's never as close as it seems

We hold the past against us
It's claws digging deep
Unforgiving unforgotten
It stacks up at our feet

Today is the new start
Of something beautiful and true
If we could only live it
We really could be made new

Today is a beginning
Tomorrow never comes
It stays always a day away
A reality it never becomes

Today is the moment
the time we have right now
to do what must be done
Despite the where or how

Today if we are faithful
To do what God asks
There will be a brighter tomorrow
and a reason for the past

Today my friends join me
To glorify Jesus Christ the Son
To be found a faithful servant
For in Him the victory is won

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