Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Day Another Time

Well, I had a couple ideas of what I wanted to write about and now.... Don't know where to start....Okay.... Here goes...One of the things that is the most important to me is honesty and COMMUNICATION!! In today's society it seems people are too afraid of how the other person is going to react or they are afraid of hurting someone elses feelings and so they never say what they are truly thinking. We are a society of empty promises and flattery without a lick of truth. Man o man what would I give is someone told me my hair was messed or I had a spot on my jeans. My friend Emma is a blessing! She tells me (-: Don't you feel rather silly getting home and looking in a mirror to discover it yourselves. In fact, It can be speaking the truth in love to tell someone because you wont be thinking about yourself, but the need of another and isn't that what love really is. Caring about the needs of others more than our own? How about communicating with someone if a plan is changing or you have decided not to do something and you've known days in advance. For those of you out there like me, I like to have things planned out. Mind you, I do like to be random and spontaneous at times, but....after the work is done and then I can relax. I plan out my weeks and what I am going to do. Then, when you get to a day that is a group event and everyone tells you they haven't prepared and they don't want to go it affects everyone else connected. I tend to feel less and less like doing something when others don't seem to care and don't even care to communicate and let you know. It seems like a waist of time. I do understand that things come up, but when something becomes a habit...well, it gets you to thinking doesn't it? Do you know what I mean? We so often think that something only affects us and we aren't even conscious of thinking about other people. We aren't even trained to think about the other people. I sometimes wonder....When do we think about others and when is it if ever okay to think about ourselves. What do you think? I think we are on this earth to serve and be used by the Lord God Almighty and to let His love work through us which means "Love your neighbor as yourself". When? Not when you feel like it, not when it is convenient, not when you can pencil it in, but ALL the TIME. It seems so simple, but obviously our culture is not that way at all. It is very "Look at Me" oriented. I struggle with this selfishness just like anyone else. I pray the Lord will continue to change my heart to care more for the needs of others than myself and die to myself and selfish desires to truly love my God more than the ways of this earth...One last thought to make sure my point is as clear as I can make it at almost midnight. I did say and Scripture does say NEEDS. Big difference between wants, desires, or wishes and needs. We must ask God for discernment to know the Need and meet it with His grace....With that...Goodnight

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