Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Long Day

Wow, Long day............ And believe it or not, I am going to bed as soon as this post is done. I had an awesome day and got a lot accomplished. I had a welcome back lunch with my Boss and our Team today and was able to eat romaine lettuce, chicken, and vinegar... Not to bad, but man o man I am sooooooooo looking forward to having a break from the 500 cal diet. I am happy I lost 20lbs, but was really wishing for more as I have another 40 left to go. I will just have to do this diet all over again as soon as my 6 weeks maintenance is done. I got off work at 4:15, ran (okay drove) to get Shangbie from school and then got Molly from the YMCA. Then I ran to my parents to pick up some frozen steak to cook for myself and got some cloths, came back to the kids house, made dinner (shh... I didn't put glitter in the eggs instead of salt....okay okay... I lied...yes I did. LOL... I reached for where the salt is at our house, but didn't pay attention and before you know if the eggs were sparkly blue (-:) The kids actually wanted scrambled eggs and toast. I made them hash browns as an extra treat...Sigh, but they didn't like those, so thank goodness I only did two small potatoes. After dinner, I made their lunches and dinner for tomorrow since I have singing class in Medford, my lunch and dinner, cleaned the dishes, helped Molly with her school work, gave them both baths, and then tucked them into bed. Then, I failed at picking a good song for singing class so I am going to wing it.. Don't like to do that normally, but not much I can do about that now. I love being prepared and having things scheduled out, but I sometimes have to take a big breath and go with the flow. Now I am writing my blog and then going to slip into a big sleep so I will actually be more awake when Molly wakes me up in the morning. Lets see, hmmmm....What have I learned today that is worth mentioning....oh, actually not just today, and I am still in process of learning, it is patience. I want to be my target wait now and I am learning major and I mean MAJOR self control by not cheating and quiting early. I am determined to do the best I can and if it takes me another 2 rounds or more of this diet then I will do it. My goal is to be 125lbs and in shape. I don't even know what that will look like, but it is exciting. So here is for patience and self control. I have 10 more days on the HCG and then 6 weeks of maintenance and then I will do it another 2 weeks with 2 weeks of maintenance, and then I have a wedding...then I just looked at the calender and I can do it another 3 weeks with 3 weeks of maintenance before the family reunion. So, that is the goal. 3 more times between now and the end of June. Wow, that seems forever, but I will look forward to this summer (-: Okay, I have talked my thoughts out and actually just planned the 3rd HCG round, but I feel good about that decision. Good night all and hope you are having a blessed week!

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