Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today was a long day. Not really the most enjoyable I have ever had, but God is always present and that is a major comfort. I meant to write more this last week, but with baby sitting any ounce of energy or ability to write thoughts down went clear out of my head. I loved the week I spent with the kids and look forward to the day when I can have my own. I know God's timing is perfect and I don't want to settle for anything less than His plan so... wait I shall. Work is going well and keeping me very busy. That is a major blessing since so many are unemployed and looking for the hard to find job. I drove to Ashland today to put a lock box on a new house that my boss listed. It looks like there are also 53 lots that are being sold as one so I may be driving up there again this week. Sometimes I like driving because it gives me a chance to think. I thought a lot today about relationships. It seems so many people see them from different perspectives and relate to people in different ways. Well, da.. right. So we are constantly learning how to relate to each individual and if we really look at it speak to them in their love language. Other than my friend Betsy, I don't have anyone my age that is single any more, and she is all the way in FL. )-: The people I do spend my time with are either married with kids, or way younger than me. It has challenged me to learn how to relate in a mature fashion to each age group. I can't relate to a 15 year old like I would to a 38 year old and visa versa. Learning to maintain my age maturity and still be friends I guess with the younger age group can sometimes be a challenge. I hope they will be patient with me as I figure it out. Anyway, I feel like I am drifting in my thoughts, though I didn't really have a direct train of thought in the first place. lol... This is going to be random. I truly seem to find it easier to write thoughts down than to talk them out. Maybe that is a good thing right now. In a way, I feel like when I write the thoughts down I am also talking to the Lord and He can direct my thoughts to Him. So, Lets see....I guess I am learning more and more not to put expectations on people and maybe not on life. Nothing is really predictable or constant except the Lord. Life is changing and sometimes I change with it and sometimes I seem to sit still. I sometimes picture life in a unrealistic fashion and sometimes I am spot on. Today I think I was both. I think at times I take things to serious. I like to plan things out and have them be as perfect as possible and sometimes I guess I just need to jump and make a decision. Sometimes I stress out to much over the details and just need to trust the Lord. ugggg.... Don't really know what to call that and I don't even know if it makes sense (if anyone is readying this anyway). What to do???????????????? Don't really like that question when I don't know the answer. Okay Lord, Please show me. Well, That's all for tonight folks. My jumbled up, random, thoughts of the day. Ha.. I must be tired. Goodnight

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