Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Night

Yeah, so maybe I need to come up with more original posts. I'm not sure. Today was a good day. Sunny and beautiful outside. Sadly it is suppose to rain tomorrow )-: But then it is going to snow later in the week and that should be fun as long as it is safe to drive. I am still nervous on icee roads especially after my accident over 2 years ago. My goodness time flys. Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a busy day. We have our office meeting in the morning and then I have to run out to one of our listings that is one the Agent Tour List to make sure everything is prepared. The seller is making home made Sweet Rolls and a Bunt Cake. Yummm... Look, but no taste for me (-:   Then I may have to drive to Ashland again to pick up some information for my boss. That actually might be nice if the rain is not to heavy. Later in the evening I am going to an auction with my Dad. I want to see if I can find anything worth investing in. I am on day three of my 1500 calories and funny enough I seem to just barely make it to 1500 calories. That is good though, as long as I don't go into starvation mode. I am trying to stay off of dairy and am using almond milk and coconut milt instead. It is actually pretty good and I don't mind. I have been trying to be more faithful in exercising. I was doing it every day, but was burning to many calories on the 500 cal diet, and now I still crave exercise, but lately I just feel tired. I do not have any energy tonight and I actually sat here on the couch for about an hour doing nothing of importance trying to muster the concentration to write this blog. Haaaa. now I feel like typing and I am probably getting my brain geared up so that I wont be able to sleep for a while.. lol...vicious circle... I played piano for two hours tonight. It was soooo nice. It really has been a while since I have played and I am really horribly out of practice. That is bad since I am now going to be playing and singing once a month for the Spring Meadows Retirement Center here in GP. I am calling it a Walk Thorough Time and concentrating most of the song selections on oldies, but throwing in a few newerish folk songs. I am having fun playing with the different styles of music and am looking forward to seeing with more performing what style and shape my voice will take. I am hoping to start practising piano at least an hour everyday on top of doing my voice lesson practice 30 minutes a day. Hopefully with that the first session and Spring Meadows will be a breeze other than the nerves. My biggest battles seem to have a lot of fear in them. That is one thing I am trying to overcome in my life. Fear...It is just pure selfishness and I am discovering I am a very selfish person. I really am...Do we ever truly learn to not be so selfish. There seem to be so many forms of it, that it can often escape our notice entirely. Okay, well you now how I said I was going to type forever? I changed my mind. I am about to fall asleep so I will bid anyone who may read this a goodnight, good morning, or good day. May the Lord bless you in a special way today and let you know that you are loved!

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