Friday, February 4, 2011


Okay, So here is another thought. Most of you who read this don't know that I was painfully shy and introverted in my younger years and dare I admit it, I often want to fall back into that mode. It was the Lord that helped me get out of my shyness by helping me realize that it was a form of selfishness and that if I could care for others I would find I was not afraid anymore. I realize how selfish I really am because I still have moments of fear and want to lock myself in a closet so I wont get hurt. However, all that said. I just had a picture in my head (yes, that crazy thing that sits on top of my body) of going to a group event and being rejected, unwanted, or just plain not fitting in. Any of you know what I mean? Sigh, I guess I wanted to post this silly little thing to maybe relate to people. Rest assured, the Lord did grab my thoughts back and help me put them back on Him and caring for others, but from time to time these fear moments come over me and I want to just hide. I know some of you must know what I mean. I think many people have moments like that. We all have a sinful nature, do we not. Today, I choose to believe God and learn more of who He says I am in Him. Thank you Lord! Oh, and funny....I feel a little better just writting this down. I think this blog thing might be good even if I am the only one that ever reads it. Lol....Sun is shining!

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  1. Hey Anne, I just wanted to confirm what you already said! :) I was exactly that way, and am still that way at times. It's been something that I've been working on as well. Great job starting a blog! Looking forward to reading it! :)