Monday, February 28, 2011


I am so happy about the things that were accomplished this weekend. I got my entire and I mean entire room organized. Head to toe...(-: What a good feeling. My desk is organized and my filing cabinet is up to date and ready for needed current information and the old is gone in the trash. My cloths are color coordinated and all in the closet. No more bags of cloths that don't fit under the bed (-: In fact. other than one roll cart for photography storage the underneath of my bed is clean to. My check book is staying balanced and I actually ended the month with money in the bank. What an amazing feeling!!!!!!!!! I got my friend Stacy's bridal shower invitations made and put in the mail this morning. I finished Amy and Kody's pics and mailed them, finished Stacy's pics and mailed them, and am about half way done on finishing Faith's pics. I did a quick photo shoot for my coworker and friend Erin and already delivered them (how amazing is that!!!) I have two more photo projects that have to be done and then I can catch up on all the ones that I wanted to do more with, but didn't have the time. I got a chord for my stereo so I can now listen to my ipod while I work at my now clean organized desk instead of making my back hurt sitting at the couch each night. All that's really left to do in my room is paint the walls and put up the decorating. I need one black and white pic for one wall. Not sure what the pic is yet, but I am sure I will find it when the time is right. I also want a little table to put in front of my mirror on the wall so that when my sister comes to stay for a while I have a place to put hair and makeup stuff. I am going to paint my headboard black and my dresser and yep. I think all the pieces will be in place. So, anyway... this is probably a really boring post if anyone actually reads it, but I am sooooo excited about what the Lord is doing and the progress that is being made. Thank you Lord for your goodness and care for me. Goodnight all!! Do something this week that has been put on the back shelf and see how good it feels.

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