Monday, February 7, 2011

Late Thoughts

Well, I have lots to say and little brain power to do it. It's interesting how that works. I had an amazing weekend and got a lot done and over came some pretty big road blocks in my life. I am continuing to get revelations and insights from the Lord that are reshaping how I look at life and consequently change who I am. Rather exciting I must say. All these things will have to wait as I am super tired and have a friend waiting for the computer. I am now, for a whole week, baby sitting two of the cutest kids you would ever want to meet. Being that I have a full time job and they have school I have to be up at 6:45 to get them up, ready for school, to school, and then me to work by 8. I am looking forward to this week and what the Lord will do in it. Fun times. Keep you updated when I have more brain power. (-: Good Night

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