Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today, I am working on relaxing. LOL... Now with the schedule of getting up early, cleaning the house, packing for the weekend, working for a coworker to organize his desk, driving to Eagle Point and hanging with the Goldman's you might not think that is relaxing. Well, for some people it probably isn't, but I think it is possible to have a full schedule and still relax. However, keeping in mind. that you don't go all the time and you still need those stay at home and do nothing relaxing days, but I am talking about a different kind of relaxing. Here is what I mean. A day where you can be laid back, give yourself plenty of time between projects, have it planned out, but be flexible, and just enjoy where you are at. If we could learn to do that more in our every day lives we would cut out so much stress and anxiety. Don't you agree? A planned out day with the freedom to be open to necessary change can be so rewarding. It is already 1:30ish and I feel like I have already accomplished a lot, and (-: I still have time to write this blog...I think also on top of the planned out, but flexible day is the need to think about our priorities. Mine today: 1. Get my home chores done (Check) 2. Work for my coworker to make some extra money (Check) 3. Decorate my boss’s office for his return to work on Monday (Check) 4. Spend quality time with friends I haven't seen for a while (I have the rest of the day) First things done first, and now I can do what I want the rest of the day. Spending time with my friends was going to look like ice skating and going to a birthday party, but that all got canceled. No big deal, my plan for the day wasn't to go ice skating and to go to a birthday party, but to spend time with friends. So, instead of stressing over the change I can still accomplish my plan and really don't care too much about what we do if anything other than just getting to be with them. (-: That sounds like a fun and exciting day to me. So, hehehee. Like I said earlier... Hope this doesn't have to be written a special way because these are the thoughts running in my head and it is so exciting to put them down in writing so I can truly acknowledge what God is doing and what He is showing me every day. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing day today even if your to do list is full. And remember there are times where it really is okay to stop, breath, smell the roses, and then keep on keeping on. Blessings, Anne

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